\(\hat{H}\) documentation

Welcome to the \(\hat{H}\) documentation. You can find the project repository at H-hat project repository. The current \(\hat{H}\) programming language repository is here.

\(\hat{H}\) reads as ‘H-hat’. In Quantum Mechanics, it is a quantum operator that deals with the system energy and its dynamics.

\(\hat{H}\) is a quantum programming language (QPL) aimed to build quantum algorithms through abstracting low-level concepts found in most QPLs, such as gates, qubits and measurements. Users should have no extensive prior knowledge in quantum computing to make use of the power of quantum computers and quantum networks.

A development timeline blog-like document is also available to make the development journey public. It will be continuously updated and can be found on Development Timeline.

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress, thus many aspects of the language may change throughout the process.


The language is going through a major refactoring that will change how the language is structured and will heavily impact the current state as described in this document. For those who still wants to read and get an overview of the language purposes and concepts, it still is (mostly) valid. The new version should be ready to be tested starting somewhere in February 2024.

As a one-person project, it is possible that this document will be outdated. If you read this and things don’t seem to reflect the repositories listed above, let me know me by sending and issue at this documentation repository issues page.